Giant Mine safety and work notices

This page includes safety notices, work notices and important site updates for the public regarding the Giant Mine Remediation Project. For additional information or questions, email the project team.

Active safety notices and work notices:

Public safety notice: in-water work in Yellowknife Bay

The Project will be conducting in-water construction on the Water Treatment Plant Outfall in Yellowknife Bay. This work is scheduled to occur in July and August 2024.

To keep boaters and workers safe, the in-water work zone is marked by lighted, yellow buoys. If boaters require assistance navigating the work zone they are asked to contact the work crew via radio. The in-water radio channel will be VHF 68Alpha. This information will also be posted at the Giant Mine Boat Launch.

In-water equipment and crew consists of:

Please use caution when navigating close to the work area, in-water equipment, and workers.

Public safety notice: blasting notice and work season starting

Remediation work is underway on the Giant Mine site, with activities expected to continue throughout the summer.

Blasting begins in May and is expected to continue for approximately 7 weeks. Blasting is required for the construction of the new Water Treatment Plant and marine outfall. Area users may see temporary delays in access to the public boat launch area. We estimate approximately 10 minutes in delay per blast.

The contractor will establish a blast radius zone within approximately 100 metres of each blast. Blast radius zones are subject to change for each individual blast and must be clear from all land and water users for the duration of each blast, until the "all clear" signal is sounded. Please observe safety signage, and pay special attention to warning signals and in-water clearance procedures. 24-hour advance notice of blasting will take place.

Increased traffic and heavy truck presence on the roads and highways surrounding the site is also expected throughout the construction season.

For more information or to ask questions about blasting at the Giant Mine site, or about the project’s other active safety notices and work announcements, email the project team or call (867) 669-2426 for more information.

Dust notice

During the spring and summer months in Yellowknife, the amount of visible dust within the environment increases. Dust at the Giant Mine site mainly comes from vehicle traffic on unpaved roads and from 4 on-site tailings ponds, with a small contribution from ongoing remediation activities.

The dust from the tailings at the Giant Mine site is non-toxic and has very low concentrations of metals. The dust from the tailings ponds on site does not contain arsenic trioxide. However, as with all dusts, the health hazards associated with the exposure is due to the particulate matter in your respiratory system.

The Giant Mine Remediation Project team regularly monitors wind forecasts and real-time wind speed and takes measures to reduce and control the dust at site year-round. Even though the project team has dust prevention measures in place at the Giant Mine site, dust can still be blown off the site on very windy days. The Giant Mine Remediation Project continually monitors air quality in the communities of Yellowknife and Ndilǫ. Real-time air quality is measured, and filters collect the dust which is tested for metals, including arsenic. If this does occur, the project team will immediately assess the situation and take appropriate actions.

Do you have more questions about dust at the Giant Mine site? Visit our webpage, Information about dust at the Giant Mine site, or email the project team.

Public safety notice: stay safe near the Giant Mine site

The project team reminds land users that the Giant Mine site, including the townsite, is contaminated. For the public, access to the site is prohibited. Trespassing is not permitted at any time because of the health and safety risks. The project team monitors the site 24 hours a day, to ensure the security and protection of the public.

From now until July 2028, public access will remain unchanged with respect to the public parking area, the Yellowknife Historical Society, the Giant Mine Boat Launch and Great Slave Sailing Club. Temporary, short disruptions in access to the public boat launch area may occur due to certain remediation activities. The Giant Mine Remediation Project's goal is to maintain public access to the water at all times during the open water season.

When enjoying activities outdoors, including off-road and boating activities, please:

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