Health support services

Survivors, family members and those affected by the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls are able to access mental health counselling, emotional support, community-based cultural support services and some assistance with transportation costs.

To find out more or access supports near you, please call the number in your province or territory:

Mental health counselling

Mental health counselling is provided by professionals such as psychologists and social workers who are registered in their province or territory and enrolled with Indigenous Services Canada. Mental health counsellors will work with their clients to develop a wellness plan, and provide ongoing individual or family counselling to support healing as determined with the client.

Emotional support

Community-based Indigenous health workers, known as Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSWs), are hired by Indigenous organizations to provide trauma-informed, culturally grounded support to people affected by the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. RHSWs provide emotional support and comfort by listening, talking and providing referrals to other services.

Cultural supports

Elders and traditional healers provide cultural supports through local Indigenous organizations to assist clients on their healing journeys. Specific services are determined by the needs of the individuals and may include dialogue, ceremonies, prayers, Elder services or traditional healing.


Wherever possible, assistance with transportation is offered when professional counselling and cultural support services are not locally available. Assistance with transportation costs to see Elders and traditional healers away from home is also available.

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